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Section 10. Prohibition of certain names.—

(1) No company shall be registered by a name which contains such word or expression, as may be notified by the Commission or in the opinion of the registrar is—

(a) identical with or resemble or similar to the name of a company; or
(b) inappropriate; or
(c) undesirable; or
(d) deceptive; or
(e) designed to exploit or offend religious susceptibilities of the people; or
(f) any other ground as may be specified.

(2) Except with prior approval in writing of the Commission, no company shall be registered by a name which contains any word suggesting or calculated to suggest—

(a) the patronage of any past or present Pakistani or foreign head of state;
(b) any connection with the Federal Government or a Provincial Government or any department or authority or statutory body of any such Government;
(c) any connection with any corporation set up by or under any Federal or Provincial law;
(d) the patronage of, or any connection with, any foreign Government or any international organisation;
(e) establishing a modaraba management company or to float a modaraba; or
(f) any other business requiring licence from the Commission.

(3) Whenever a question arises as to whether or not the name of a company is in violation of the foregoing provisions of this section, decision of the Commission shall be final.

(4) A person may make an application, in such form and manner and accompanied by such fee as may be specified, to the registrar for reservation of a name set out in the application for a period not exceeding sixty days.

(5) Where it is found that a name was reserved under sub-section (4), by furnishing false or incorrect information, such reservation shall be cancelled and in case the company has been incorporated, it shall be directed to change its name. The person making application under sub-section (4) shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding level 1 on the standard scale.

(6) If the name applied for under sub-section (4) is refused by the registrar, the aggrieved person may within thirty days of the order of refusal prefer an appeal to the Commission.

(7) An order of the Commission under sub-section (6) shall be final and shall not be called in question before any court or other authority.