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(30C) “liaison office” means a place of business acting for the principal, head office or any entity of which it is a part, and

(a) its activities do not result in deriving income in Pakistan; and

(b) maintains itself out of any amount remitted from outside Pakistan received through normal banking channels.

Explanation,— It is clarified that—

(i) a place of business shall not be treated as liaison office if it engages in –

(a) commercial activities;

(b) trading or industrial activities; or

(c) the negotiation and conclusion of contracts;

(ii) the activities shall be treated to be commercial activities, if these include—

(a) providing after sales services for goods or services; or

(b) marketing or promoting pharmaceutical and medical products or services;

(iii) subject to clause (i), a place of business shall be treated as a liaison office, if it undertakes activities of—

(a) an exploratory or preparatory nature, to investigate the possibilities of trading with, or in, Pakistan;

(b) exploring the possibility of joint collaboration and export promotion;

(c) promoting products where such products are yet to be supplied to, or sold in, Pakistan;

(d) promoting technical and financial collaborations between its principal and taxpayers in Pakistan; or

(e) provision of technical advice and assistance.