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Section 26. Business and objects of a company.—

(1) A company may carry on or undertake any lawful business or activity and do any act or enter into any transaction being incidental and ancillary thereto which is necessary in attaining its business activities:

Provided that—

(i) the principal line of business of the company shall be mentioned in the memorandum of association of the company which shall [not be inconsistent or contradictory with name of the company; and
(ii) any change in the principal line of business shall be reported to the registrar within thirty days from the date of change, on the form as may be specified and registrar may give direction of change of name if it is in violation of this section.

Explanation.—“principal line of business” means the business in which substantial assets are held or likely to be held or substantial revenue is earned or likely to be earned by a company, whichever is higher.

(2) A company shall not engage in a business which is—

(a) prohibited by any law for the time being in force in Pakistan; or
(b) restricted by any law, rules or regulations, unless necessary licence, registration, permission or approval has been obtained or compliance with any other condition has been made:

Provided nothing in sub-section (1) shall be applicable to the extent of such companies.